En anglais:

V.Max, vol. 1 issue 1 (December 1991?) cover story, Nadia of the Mysterious Seas, by James Matsuzaki and Galen Jang, (7 pages)

Animmag, vol 2 no.3 (late 92?), cover story, Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, by Jenny Johnson and Mike Pondsmith, (8 pages)

Anime UK, vol 1 no 5 (dec/jan 1992/93) cover story, The Secret of Blue Water by Darren Robodaz Ashmore, (6 pages).

Animenominous!, #5 Spring 1993 cover story, Nadia's Theme (no author credit given), (9 pages).

En japonais :

Animage, June 1990, cover story (Nadia in profile from the opening sequence), inside covers the beginning of the series.

Animage, December 1990, cover story (Grandis and Marie playing with makeup), inside only has "The Voyage Log of Nadia" and some pictures from the deserted island sequence.

Animage, May 1991, cover story (Nadia and Jean embracing from the final episode), inside covers the end of the series and interviews the voice actors.

Animage May 1992, Results of the 14th Anime Grand Prix with Nadia winning in many categories. Includes a "Nadia Character Guide".


Nadia : The Secret of Blue Water (Roman Album), typical Roman Album series book. Lots of color pictures, although most are the size of large postage stamps; a run down of the series episode by episode; technical mecha diagrams; interviews with the creators, animators, voice actors, etc.; some interesting production sketches. If you can only buy one Japanese Nadia book, this is the one to get. 168 pages. 980 yen.

Portraits published by Newtype; softcover collection of full-page illustrations from the series and/or inspired by the series. Apparently they give the artist free reign and let them either illustrate a scene from the series or a scene that might have been from the series, or a scene that could never be in the series, but has the characters from the series (e.g. Nadia in a tight spacesuit (a la Electra at the end of the series) in zero-g eating a hamburger and talking on the phone. As Dave Barry says, "I'm not making this up!") 98 pages. 1300 yen.

La Memoire published by Newtype. Same as Portraits, but different pictures. 82 pages. 1200 yen.

Secret of Blue Water volumes 1 through 6. Full color manga series of the series. Panels are reproductions of the cels from the series. about 144 pages each. 590 yen each.

Nadia Movie Comic Volume 7 of the above series. This is the color manga of the movie. 144 pages. 590 yen.

The Secret of Comic Blue Water Cyber Comix Special Edition. A black and white manga with several Nadia stories (most of them not quite related to the series, almost an alternative Nadia). Quite funny. 262 pages. March 1992, 1500 yen.

Nadia Picture Mooks A series of five books with a very simplified version of the story in color. Aimed at very young children or beginning Japanese readers. 28 pages each. 430 yen each.

Nadia Hardcover Books A two volume set that gives the complete story along with pictures. These are part of a series of picture books of anime published in Japan. The volumes for Totoro, Kiki, Laputa, and the 2 volume Nausicaa from this series have been published in English by Tokuma Shoten, so if you've seen any of those, you have an idea of what the Nadia books are like. 112 pages each. 1550 yen each.

Nadia Newtype 100% Collection Mostly stuff from Nadia-The Movie. The usual staff interviews, production sketches, storyboards, etc. 98 pages. 1200 yen.

Princess Nadia Booklet from Am Juju which has great images and "best" sequences, but only covers the first eight episodes.

Nadia Postcards A booklet of 24 color postcards. 420 yen.